We offer training programs on various Soft Skills and Project Management. We also have expertise in providing product training and end user training on the core banking systems. All our courses can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. We have considerable experience in creating complete eLearning solutions.

Standard Training offerings

We offer Introductory and advanced Level Training on the core banking systems as well as related general banking subjects. We also align our courses on major business groupings offered – Retail, Corporate, Treasury, Private Banking, Credit, Financial Accounting and Reporting. We also offer selected Technical courses useful for implementing and maintaining the core banking systems.

Bespoke training

We also offer services to develop courseware for bespoke training on the core banking system build created specifically for a Bank. User guides in the form of word documents and / or training material in the form of power point slides are provided to the Bank.


We are committed to help improve Bank’s business by offering innovative eLearning solutions. We can provide an end-to-end solution from online course design to learning program management for all the learning needs.

Training consultancy

We also offer training consultancy, to work with the bank’s own training department to help them become self-sufficient. Normally, we will have to pre-qualify the participants as to their levels of knowledge of the core banking system and, where appropriate, the relevant banking domains. For implementation level Business courses, sound knowledge of underlying Banking business is essential. Our Banking courses provide overall banking knowledge to follow the essentials but would not be a replacement of practical banking knowledge. Hence, for those who know the business, our banking courses would not be needed.
For the Technical resources, knowledge of any programming language and database is a must. However, as can be seen, we are not proposing any programming courses as they are out of scope.

Training methods

These are instructor-led classroom sessions. The course objectives are clearly outlined at the beginning of the session. The sessions are lectures aided by presentation material, demonstrations on the software and workshops. We believe in “learning by doing” and therefore the proportion of workshops is quite high. There will be quiz sessions during the courses.
The courseware has been designed based on VAKI principles of aiding learning by Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic and Intellectual means. Where feasible, courses also have project work.